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Where Champions are Made

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA in Huntington Beach, CA

Upcoming Tournament:

March 5, May 14th, July 16th, September 10th, November 12th, 2022

Annual Copa Pacifica 23

April 30th 2022

Established in 1996, the Cleber Jiu Jitsu & MMA Huntington Beach, CA continues being one of the world’s leading schools in martial arts.

Jiu Jitsu build confidence, and  confidence not only defend yourself; it will help to build a stronger person with amazing self esteem, and this is priceless in  life.

Jiu jitsu is a martial art based on using leverage which means size doesn't matter, This allows anyone to be able to train jiu-jitsu 
Jiu-Jitus is “The Gentle Art”.